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Who is EL?

Hi, I'm EL the owner and CEO of ELLEbyEL LLC. Thank you for visiting our site. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I started making T-Shirts in 2016 when my husband and other local comics began getting shirts printed with different things on them. The first shirt that I made for my husband was in my living room with an IRON! ELLEbyEL has since come a long way. We have a growing staff and were blessed with an office space that we OWN. Every business has a story, every business owner has things that drive them and that make them passionate. Mine is my late husband. He saw this business for me when I was working full time as a Registered Nurse. He came up with many of the designs that I sell and would even use his platform to promote my brand. When he passed in December of 2019, I was asked to make the family some shirts inspired by one of the most popular shirts that he always wore from my brand. Even in his passing, I was motivated to keep up with what him and I had started. The inspiration that he has given me makes me even more passionate about the work that I do with ELLEbyEL. So that is my advice to you. Live within your passion, and the rest will fall into place. 




Where does the name ELLE come from?


That's a question that many people ask.  When I was younger, my cousin gave me the nickname EL, since my name is EricaLynn. I have always been a creative, and fun loving person and have always lived outside of the box. I have never limited myself when it came to doing things that I love! Since my nick name is EL, I decided to spell it Elle so that people would understand how to pronounce it. When I decided to brand the hair products I decided that ELLE would be the perfect name! I then began making clothing and head wraps for clients a few years ago and decided to put all of my talents under the brand of ELLE. That is why I decided to name my business ELLEbyEL. I have always been creative and love helping people express themselves. I decided to start a brand that allows people to express themselves in a simple but urban and chic way. From hair care products, to head wraps and custom clothing, Elle is the perfect brand for you!